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3D Mapping

3D Viewer.Manage Materials,Lights,Camera.

Mobile Version

Play with your fabrics on any device: Android or IOS.

SDK Javascript Functions

Develop your own Web Viewer for your Fabrics.

Models Service.

Do you need models for 3dmapp?

Select a model from our Library

Don't spend time doing a model. Go to our Libary and select the model you need. Easy and Fast !!

Upload your Photo

If you prefer exclusive model, you can upload your photo on your private 3dmapp account and we will convert your photo to 3dmapp model.

If you don't have a photo of your desired model.

Don't worry. Tell us what you need, and we will generate your model. We can prepare a 3dmapp model from photo or from 3D render photo.

Special Team.

We Join Experince to offer you the Best Software.

EAT Designscope
The DesignScope Company
Applications from electronic
textile patterning.
Edna Mason

3dmapp Team

2D,3D,Augmented and Virtual Reality

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