What I need to begin with 3dmapp ?

3dmapp is a software to simulate textures by mapping technology.

3dmapp needs a .3dm file and .tex file.

3dm file contains all the 3d information about the objects in your scene.
tex file contains the pixels information from your scene.

There are three ways to get .3dm and .tex files:

Buy a scene from our store. ( www.gestion.3dmapp.com)
Convert a image format file ( .jpg,.tiff,.bmp, etc ) to .3dm and .tex files with our 3dgrid software.
Send to us your “scene image” and we will prepare it for 3dmapp.

3dgrid generate all the meshes that represent your objects in the scene, and save all the information in .3dm file and .tex file. After that, 3dmapp is ready to work your scene from your new files ( .3dm and .tex).

After get the .3dm and .tex file, you are free to simulate all your textures/designs without limit.

If you adquire our “Aquiles license”, that is free, you only has to adquire a scene to begin to work.

My Object in the “image scene” is red colour. Can i use it ?

It depends the level of quality you are agree.

3dmapp convert your image to grey values. If your object is too dark, the result won’t be nice, and all your designs will be dark.

The best solution : Use white plain color for your objects.

Is Aquiles a Demo version ?

No. Aquiles is 100% operative. Not time limit. There are some functions that are not activated in aquiles version. For Premium version you must buy a 3dmapp version.

3dmapp version works with dongle usb hardware, so you don’t need internet to run.

Aquiles version need to connect our servers, so you need an internet connection to run.

I have a photo of my object that contains a design. Is it correct for 3dmapp ?

No. 3dmapp use your photo to get the grey values + lights + shadows and merge it with your textures.

If your object contains some design, 3dmapp will mix both textures ( design base + mapping design ) and the result won’t be correct.

The best : Use white plain color in your objects, that you want to use in 3dmapp.

Why white color ? Because white color is the best to get the maximum contrast between lights and shadows.

I have a photo of my object and I want use it with 3dmapp, what I have to do?

If you don’t have a 3dgrid license, you have to upload your image in our server.

We will prepare your photo with 3dgrid, and then we will publish the 3dmapp files ( .3dm and .tex) in your account.

Next step: download files and play.

I bought a 3dgrid license. Do I have to buy a 3dmapp license ?

No. 3dgrid license include a 3dmapp license, so you can change from 3dgrid to 3dmapp version typing a key from keyboard.