3DGO Tutorial. Texture Panel. Quilt Effect

Quilt Effect from Texture. NormalMap + Displacement
Open FileClick over white zone to show File Dialog. Select a Texture from your local storage.
RGB for NormalMap. Alfa Channel for Displacement Values (Quilt Design)
Texture rapport full all surface in one repeat
Refresh Texture Image. Use it to show new changes on original texture image.
Delete Texture
Size will be read direclty from file. You are free to change
Define quilt rotation
This slider allows you to define height quilting effect
This slider allows you to define border size with  no quilting effect. Sewing simulation
This slider allows you to increase shadows effects from NormalMap – G Channel.
Quilt Effect from gray Texture. Generate NormalMap + Displacement Filters
To represent a nice Quilt effect you need a grey Scale picture
NormalMap information helps to increase realism.
If you only has a heightMap file, this tool will add Normal  to your file
Open Dialog File to select your heightmap from local storage.
ReCalculate Values from new values on Sliders
 Slider define Blur Level effect for displacement. Generate smooth heightmap.
Slider define Nornal Effect to extract from heightmap.